An introduction to Andrea Tsakanikas

Andrea Tsakanikas is a real estate and travel management consultant. She founded with an aim to focus on the customer side of the travel and lodging transaction. Her determination and entrepreneurial outlook has enabled to emerge as a trustworthy travel management company in North America.

Andrea’s strong focus on engaging her team, company has redefined corporate travel management for diverse industries such as construction, energy, solar, transportation, aviation, education, municipal and government.

Her determination and keen focus as a team leader of enables a high volume of detail in the labor-intensive crew logistics industry. To succeed in simplifying the process for her clients, while analyzing the risks and complexities involved in the process of delivering lodging management services.

Andrea Tsakanikas’ remarkable experience in the industry has assisted to quickly to analyze a client’s needs and challenges and executive the provision of implementing immediate solutions in lodging expenditure reduction, employee travel, travel management, real time tracking & job cost reporting, customized reporting technology, credit solutions for lodging, and standardized facility vetting process. In addition, offers consulting services and outsourced travel management departments and the complete setup within an organization.

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Andrea Tsakanikas


Her Career Path

For more than three decades, Andrea Tsakanikas has been involved in the property and facility management industry. During her career, she has successfully represented hundreds of investors and managed workforce, lodging, rental and resorts facilities. She has also been a management consultant with specialization in optimizing operations thereby ensuring highest revenues and profitability for travel and facility management projects.

She founded with an aim to deliver managed and controlled personnel lodging expenditures for organizations with mobile work forces throughout North America.

Profile she worked for

  • VP of Operations, Corporate Lodging Company
  • Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company.
  • President/Founder, Property Management Entity
  • Author of a Rental and Procedures Manual for the Real Estate Trade
  • Real Estate Management Advisor

About is a name that goes hand in hand with efficient corporate travel management across North America. The company takes care of everything related to corporate travel management, from maintaining compliance measures to sharing new options suiting to a company’s culture, and everything in-between., a personnel group travel company – helps corporations to reduce and manage employees’ lodging expenditures through result-oriented solutions. It offers customized solutions per their client company requirements, while ensuring reduced travel costs, administrative time and labor. renders unparalleled lodging management solutions.